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June 05, 2006


...and we sure appreciate your efforts to buy things for us. ahem.

As always we appreciate your overseeing the equipment needed for the cooking groups.

It is a huge responsibility, but someone has to do it. (ha ha!)

The Paddle Board is also a mini cutting board! As the driver, I must say it's great fun to observe Lydia at work, acquiring things for the cooking groups. She has a knack for finding new thiings just when you think there could be nothing that the Ninecooks' kitchen doesn't have. The collection of wooden implements alone is a sight to behold. And the tagines... Sacrement!

we're going to Montreal in July, so I must borrow your Gourmet! I had been wondering who Rupert is. Now I guess I know. I agree that the collection of wooden implements in your kitchen is terrific. Best of all, we can USE them. I appreciate that attitude.

Lucia, very often when you hear the term "cook's kitchen" (especially in the real estate arena), it means a kitchen with granite countertops, a fancy fridge, a pot filler over the stove, etc. To me, a "cook's kitchen" is one in which people can -- and want to -- cook. For cooking groups, that means nothing is off limits. The good feeling in our kitchen comes from the memory of all the hands that have used the wooden implements, cut on the butcher block, mixed in the speckled bowls. So, though I have my tongue ever so slightly in cheek when I talk about it, shopping for new tools for the kitchen and knowing that what I buy will be used and loved by many people is a real joy.

Très bon!

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