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September 17, 2006


I've always been a little phobic of baking - seems so much more like science since unlike a stir fry a too much or not enough can cause disaster. So this was great to get some hands on experience with the egg whites and batter. Plus the pre-cake meal was fab. (It's a wonder I had any room for dinner with all the bowl licking I did!)

Cake is comfort food for me. I have many fond memories of hungrily making Duncan Hines cakes with my sisters after school and slathering them with rich butter frosting. The cakes were always a bit small and the frosting never went far enough and we shaved off little "slivers" for days until there was no more and it was time to make another cake. Even teenage chubbiness did not end the wonder of cake.

Box cakes were the only kind my mother (or I) ever made, so I'm still a bit afraid of scratch cakes. It was great to make them with the cooking group -- the recipes were simple, they came together quickly, and it encouraged me to try creating new variations on my own. Cooking with friends often gives me the courage to try new techniques and new recipes on my own.

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